Everything you need to get started

We created Launch Pad as a bare bones program designed to get your start up, products/service promotions up and running. Includes everything from establishing the legal entity of your business (LLC, Series LLC or 501-C3/Non-pr0fit), branding identify and the marketing collateral/assets needed to setup, support and promote your business on and off line. We also provide pitch decks presentations and media kits for investors and sponsorships. 

Solutions designed to get you off the ground.

Content Marketing and Optimization plays a major role in just about any digital marketing campaign that involves search engines and audience engagement. In the past 5 yrs SEO has become more technical (site speed and schema/structured data) and focused on the user intent and their experience. The fact is SEO

Company Setup

Setup LLC (Texas/Illinois only), Non-Profit/501C3

Brand identity

Logo design, business card, basic landing page and social media profiles.

Marketing Collateral & Assets

Brochures, Web site, Content development, Onsite SEO, Product/Service Promo Landing pages.


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Budget Friendly Solutions That Won't Break the Bank or Your Trust.

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